Frequently asked questions


  • Arrival and departure

    • When can I check-in at the hotel?

      You can check-in at 3 p.m.

    • When will the check-out take place?

      Check out time is 11 am.

    • Which credit cards are accepted?

      We accept EC, Maestro, Master, Visa, American Express, JCB and Diners Club.

  • Meetings & celebrations

    • Where do I turn for a celebration at the hotel?

      For informations please contact the reception and ask for Mrs. or Mr. Deisinger.

    • Are you planning a conference, a seminar or a workshop?

      We offer you the right frame and rooms. Gladly our staff will advise you at the reception.

  • Services

    • Is a laundry / dry cleaning service offered?

      Every day, exept Monday, Saturday and Sunday. For same day service we need your laundry before 7.30 am.

    • Can I borrow a umbrella?

      You can borrow an umbrella at the reception.

    • Is there a post office available?

      We offer stamps at the reception and mail your letters and post cards for you. The next post office you’ll find at Wormser Str. 2-4

      Open from

      Mon - Friday 9 am - 6 pm

      Saturday 9 am - 12.30 pm

    • Can i use free WiFi?

      In our hotel you have free WiFi.

    • Can I stow my luggage?

      We will store your luggage at the wardrobe.

    • Can I rent a bike?

      We are pleased to order you a bicycle at Radsport Stiller in the Gilgenstraße 24.

    • How do I find a babysitter?

      We are happy to help you with the negotiation.

    • Where can I get a current newspaper?

      Current daily newspapers are available in our restaurant.

    • Is there a fitness area?

      There is no fitness area located in the hotel. Our guests have free access to the gym nearby.

      Pfitzenmeier Wellness und Fitness Park

      Iggelheimer Straße 24

      Tel: 06232 68 66 90

  • Breakfast, bar & restaurant

    • When does the breakfast take place?

      Monday – Friday 6.30 am - 10 am

      Saturday + Sunday + Holidays 7 am - 10 am
      For roomservice please call the front desk and order your breakfast for the next day. For this service we charge EUR 4,00 extra.

    • How long has the hotel bar opened?

      Is daily open until 11.30 pm, optionally longer.

    • When is the restaurant open?

      Monday-Friday we offer a small choice of local and seasonal menus in our restaurant.

      Upon request, for a group of 10 or more, we will be pleased to specialize the menu for you.

  • Rooms

    • Is smoking allowed in the rooms?

      The Hotel Löwengarten is a non - smoking Hotel. We are pleased to bring to your attention that we charge an extra cleaning fee of EUR 100,00, if you smoke in a non-smoking room.

    • Are the rooms air conditioned?

      Each room is equipped with air conditioning. It only works, when the windows are closed. You can individually adjust the temperature and fan with the remote control.

    • Are there special pillows available?

      We offer different pillows for your convenience

      - Spelt cushion 40 x 60cm

      - Side sleeper pillow 40 x 140cm

      - Bolster 15 x 40cm

      - Neck cushion 40 x 80cm

      Please contact the reception team for service.

    • Are Pets allowed?

      For pets we charge EUR 8,00 per night.

    • Are there baby cots available?

      Children under 2 years stay free of charge. There is space for 2 baby cots per room.

    • How do I reach the reception from my room?

      Dial „9“ to reach the reception team at any time.

    • Is there a safe in the hotel room?

      Please follow the instrucions: After you put your valuables in the safe, close the door and enter your personal 4-digit code. Press „# Lock“. The safe is now closed. To open the door you just have to enter your 4-digit PIN and the safe will automatically open.

    • How can I make a phone call from the hotel room?

      For outside line dial “0”.

    • Is there a service for a wake up call?

      Should we wake you up? Please inform us about your wake up time.

    • Is a room service available?

      Between 6.30 am – 10 pm you can order room service. We charge EUR 4,00 per order.